2021-22 Enrollment Projections
will begin October 1, 2021

Fall Greetings from the NESDEC office! 

NESDEC has been assisting school districts with their planning efforts for over 75 years. For decades, one of NESDEC’s most requested planning tools has been our Annual Enrollment Projection Report. Each year, these enrollment projection services are provided free of charge to approximately 300 NESDEC-affiliated school districts throughout New England. Districts rely upon NESDEC’s enrollment projections for budget preparation, staffing decisions, classroom space allocation, and numerous other planning endeavors.

The global pandemic continues to influence our nation’s public health and economic stability in unpredictable ways. As such, it is still too early to identify many of the factors that could impact school enrollments. Over the past school year, we have seen fluctuations in the real estate market and job trends, which have impacted student attendance patterns. Moreover, during the past school year, we have seen how school enrollment patterns can differ substantially from one district to another, with some districts losing students while others experience an influx of students.

Regardless of the challenges, school administrators require hard data to make their cases for funding and allocation of educational space. Much of that data comes in the form of enrollment projections. NESDEC is pleased to provide enrollment projections in the fall as well as updated projections at the approximate mid-point of the school year. Both sets of projections are provided at no extra cost for affiliated districts.  

It is time to update last year’s enrollment projections. Please return data forms to NESDEC by December 6, 2021. Forms will be accepted after this date; however, to meet your District’s planning schedule, we suggest having the projections done prior to the New Year.

After Oct. 1, 2021 the data form will be available HERE. Note: There are two tabs in the spreadsheet. The first tab contains the instructions for filling out the data form, and the second tab is the actual form.

After you have completed the form, please email to NESDEC (ep@nesdec.org) as an attachment.
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