District Consolidation / Deconsolidation Studies

One of the more complex issues facing some school districts is whether or not to join with other school districts in a regional or cooperative arrangement. The reasons for exploring consolidation or deconsolidation can be many and varied. For over seventy years NESDEC has been assisting school districts in understanding and managing difficult issues like consolidation/deconsolidation. NESDEC's consolidation/ deconsolidation studies are tailored to meet the needs of the district. A typical district consolidation/deconsolidation study would include an analysis of:

  • governance, including central office functions
  • business functions
  • special education including Medicare reimbursements
  • teacher compensation and benefits
  • staffing patterns
  • education programming
  • professional development
  • educational technology
  • transitional issues
  • demographic/enrollment outlook

A NESDEC district consolidation/deconsolidation study results in a comprehensive report that focuses on data-driven options and alternative models for consideration by boards and administrators.

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